Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lego man cushion

Scott is a big fan of The Lego Movie ("Everything is awesome....!") so I decided to make him a lego man cushion to match his quilt.

I am not very happy with the bulge in lego man's middle, but I unpicked and resewed him so many times I was worried I was going to end up tearing the fabric.

Here it is in use:

Happy sewing

Chicken cushion

My Grandma Molly loves chickens. She has a little chicken ornament she keeps in the garden and calls Holly. She jokes that she throws Holly a few breadcrumbs every morning when she feeds the birds and they always get eaten. So I decided to make her a chicken related gift she could keep in the house.

The chicken was foundation pieced using a pattern from Margaret Rolfe's book 'A Quilter's Ark'. The comb and wattle I added using applique and the eye, beak and legs are embroidered.

The fabrics are much more muted than I would normally use but they blend well with the quilt and patchwork cushions that already adorn the sofa at Grandma and Grandad's house.

I added my label to the back because Grandma will be sure to show off the cushion to anyone and everyone who even comes near the house. She has named this chicken Ivy, since the cushion was a Christmas gift. She has hinted that she now needs a rooster to go with it...and that if there's a rooster around then chicks will surely follow!

Happy sewing

Voluspa drawstring bag

 My younger brother, Chris, had hinted that he could do with a bag of some description to keep the pieces for one of his games in. It was a bit of a challenge to come up with something that was in-keeping with the illustrations on the game pieces but I am pretty happy with the result.

I traced the letters from the instruction booklet for the game onto bondaweb, then appliqued them onto the fabric. The bag itself is a simple drawstring design. The silver beads were added just for show but actually serve a useful purpose in preventing the drawstrings escaping from their channels.

Chris was delighted with it :-)

Happy sewing

Robot pencil case

This was a last minute Christmas gift for my uncle, Allan. He had asked for a set of marker pens so what better gift than a fun case to keep them in?

It's just a simple pouch with minimal quilting. Quick and easy to put together and the adorable fabrics do the talking.

His & hers doorstops

Scott asked for a doorstop for Christmas, so I made him one with robots and cogs fabric. I couldn't resist also whipping one up for myself using Wee Wander fabrics. Fussy cutting the Wee Wander fabrics was the best part.

They are filled mostly with plastic pellets but also a bit of stuffing at the top to make them nice and plump. They are not a bad weight but for a heavier door I would add some larger stones in there too, which would probably also mean making a calico lining so the stones don't rub holes in the pretty fabric.


Our elf-on-the-shelf (whose name is Eloicious Lovelace Flump or 'Elf' for short) also had fun with the plastic pellets, spilling them all over the carpet and making snow angels!

Happy sewing

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Superhero pouches

My mum recently made a superheroes quilt for my brother’s girlfriend, Grace. I used up some of the scraps to make these fun pouches.

It was difficult to match the blue of Superman's suit and Batman's cape and the yellow fabric I ended up using is actually floral, but I am hoping the boys won't notice!
Happy sewing

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kokka phone case

Despite having had the same phone for some time and never having had a case for it, yesterday I decided my iphone needed a little pouch to protect it.

I was glad to finally find a use for this cute Kokka birdy fabric, which is a fine linen weight and tends not to look right paired with quilting cottons. The flap is velcro and the button on the front is purely decorative.

After fussy cutting a piece for the front I was left with a scrap with one chirping little bird on it, so I stuck it to the back with a bit of bondaweb and secured it with blanket stitch.

Happy sewing