Saturday, January 24, 2015

Chicken cushion

My Grandma Molly loves chickens. She has a little chicken ornament she keeps in the garden and calls Holly. She jokes that she throws Holly a few breadcrumbs every morning when she feeds the birds and they always get eaten. So I decided to make her a chicken related gift she could keep in the house.

The chicken was foundation pieced using a pattern from Margaret Rolfe's book 'A Quilter's Ark'. The comb and wattle I added using applique and the eye, beak and legs are embroidered.

The fabrics are much more muted than I would normally use but they blend well with the quilt and patchwork cushions that already adorn the sofa at Grandma and Grandad's house.

I added my label to the back because Grandma will be sure to show off the cushion to anyone and everyone who even comes near the house. She has named this chicken Ivy, since the cushion was a Christmas gift. She has hinted that she now needs a rooster to go with it...and that if there's a rooster around then chicks will surely follow!

Happy sewing

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