Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nice weather for ducks

I’m not sure what possessed me to purchase a white raincoat, but it doesn’t stay white for very long bundled up at the bottom of my bag. It needed a bag. A cute one.

My starting point was the umbrella fabric (part of Bonnie & Camille's April Showers collection) and I couldn’t resist using the frogs from Rae Hoekstra’s Lotus Pond collection. The rest were just picked to coordinate with the colours in the starting fabrics.

 I had a hard time finding the right shade of green. I had asked my mum to keep an eye out for “grass green” but she came back with two fat quarters of what I would call “lime green”. I said I needed “cutting mat green”, to which she replied “why didn’t you say that in the first place, then I’d have known exactly what you meant?!”. Ha! Crafters. (But seriously, why do they only make cutting mats in green?)

 I used the same tutorial mentioned in this post but scaled it up and ditched the inside pockets. I couldn’t resist adding the little duck label, in keeping with the theme of the bag.

I had originally planned one less column of patches but added an extra one at the last minute as I was worried it would end up too small. It ended up too big instead...the size I had originally planned would have been perfect. Never mind…room for an umbrella too J

One clean raincoat:

Happy sewing

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