Friday, August 15, 2014

The sushi purse

Hi. I’m Tori. I’m 27, I live in a town called Solihull slap bang in the middle of England, I’m a solicitor and I love to sew. I have been sewing for about two years now, my mum finally having succeeded in persuading me to make the leap from papercrafts. I always preferred paper because it behaves better than fabric, but fabric is so much more versatile. I have made many pretty things with paper but they are purely for decorative use. With fabric I can make usable objects: bags, quilts, clothing. From my very first project, a tote bag made from a charm pack, I have progressed rapidly to the status of ‘Fabric Fiend’.

Blogs are one of my main sources of inspiration. I read them daily. When I’m out and about away from my sewing machine, I can still get a sewing fix catching up on the latest posts. I was finally inspired to create my own blog to record my forays into sewing and quilting after receiving a compliment on one of my latest projects. I was at The Festival of Quilts at the NEC last weekend and a lady on one of the stands was taken enough with my patchwork purse that she asked me to send her a picture so she could make something similar.

Here’s the purse that started it all off. I call it the Sushi Purse.

I was so pleased with it I immediately made a second one. This one was a gift for my mum.

The insides are pretty too :-)

Much credit is due to Pink Penguin who wrote the tutorial for this purse (you can find it here) and to Fabric Mutt whose delightful version inspired me to make my own. I have several more under construction and a large consignment of zips on order!

Happy sewing

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